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AMD ThreadRipper processors debuted in 2017 and became the best processor brand for AMD and an option for people who want the best at a lower cost. AMD ThreadRipper since launch has been known to perform great and is considered an affordable workstation CPU option for Gamers and Professional builders.
We at TecHeal offer the best collection of AMD ThreadRipper Gaming PC Builds which includes ThreadRipper 1st and 2nd Generation Processors such as AMD ThreadRipper 1900XAMD ThreadRipper 1950XAMD ThreadRipper 2920XAMD ThreadRipper 2950X and AMD ThreadRipper 2990WX combined with X399 chipset motherboards for AMD ThreadRipper Systems.
With the latest announcement of AMD ThreadRipper 3rd Generation CPUs based on the 7nm architecture AMD takes the performance further ahead offering upto 64 cores. Get yourself an AMD Ryzen Build from TecHeal.