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Intel from the beginning of time has always been the best processor line up for Gamers. The single core performance offered by the Intel CPUs cannot be compared to any other brand. Most Games rely on single core performance due to which Intel Processors stands out from any other. Intel K Processor series offers overclocked performance which can be used to achieve speeds upto 5.0Ghz for maximum performance.
We at TecHeal offer the best collection of Intel Gaming PC Builds which includes Intel 9th Generation Processors such as Intel i3Intel i5 9400Intel i5 9600KIntel i7 9700Intel i7 9700K and Intel i9 9900K combined with Z390 chipset motherboards for Intel Gaming Systems.
When it comes to Gaming most of the gamers prefer a combination of K series processors paired with a Z390 board for ultimate gaming and VR experience.